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dream team: 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

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Posted on: 04/15/19

Since the 1990s, the games have moved to professional sports. Competitive matches, also known as cyber, are Championships are looking to live tens of millions of individuals, today, and their potential Olympic debut is on the horizon.

The cyber business is a modern gold peak. Major media networks ESPN, TBS, SyFy and viewers broadcast cyber events sports leagues like the NHL and NBA have launched tournaments and leagues, and NBA and NFL team owners have additional ownership shares.

In the US, more than 70 universities and colleges have added teams and/or scholarships for cyber, and this season Plives announced a partnership to bring cyber.

Is cyber popular?

Gamers love competition. They want to be the very best. Since 1972, when the cyber event's winner received an yearly subscription to this day, and to Rolling Stone magazine, where prize funds amount to tens of millions of dollars, winning is of what video games that are playing would be the Foundation.

Cyber is also available. To play sports, then while with games you can play from the comfort of your own home with people from all around the world, you may esports rankings need to organize people in the same place.

In 2017, twitch (owned by Amazon) has received 15 000 000 daily traffic, with 355 000 000 000 (Yes, billion) moments watched. As it is about watching other people play game culture today is as much about games. Our own internal surveys show that the normal gaming addict plays an average of 25 hours a week, spending 25 hours per week at other online streams.

Cyber sells the fantasy of being a professional. The competition for cyber is fierce, with countless millions of players.

Health and drug Issues

There are legitimate concerns while cyber and the ability to make money as a gamer are positive developments for the business. To become the next cyber superstar, you need to play with many hours a day, and the analysis of the negative effect on your wellbeing, when you sit for hours in a chair in a darkened room is final. The scammer, one of the biggest cyber stars on the planet, practices 12-15 hours per day. This does not Bode for your health.

The debut of College scholarships for cyber is another challenge as teens will now justify their excessive use of matches because they will become the cyber star when in fact the probability of this is small. I'm not one to dissuade a teenager or anyone for that matter out of pursuing my dream, however doing so while informed that it requires more than playing all day and that it's really important. It requires determination and concentration, responsibility, maturity and optimal physical, health-mental and different factors, such as luck.

When millions of players compete for hundreds of places in a cyber contest, it is highly recommended to have a backup plan if it does not work.

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